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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The crucial DPS-Oracle link

Mrs. Renu Mittal
Director - CEPT, DPS Society

"It took some time to understand the Project as it was a completely new concept. I consulted the IT wizards of Delhi Public Schools. My keen interest, their enthusiasm combined with DPS Society Chairman Mr. Narendra Kumar's vision gave me confidence to go ahead. Today seeing 24 teacher participanting together @ Oracle Academy - India Institute makes me feel Great!!!"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a Relief!

"Time to rejoice after the exams. Happy smiles and joy all around."

Time to Test

"Exam time at Oracle Academy - India Institute. Every one hard at work. Time to test what was learnt."

Monday, May 22, 2006

US support - Oracle Academy

Kathryn Bassman
"Came all the way from the US of A to support us....

....and became one of us."

Asia Pacific Support - India Institute

Krishna S V
"I will try my best to implement the next level institute in the next year in India simultaneously with the US"

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Man behind the India Institute

Ajay Kapur

"I am too sure, they will form the Best Group"

Friday, May 19, 2006

One Week - House for Instructors

"Hostel in the Daylight"

"Night snapshot of Hostel"

Rolling Oracle Academy Balls

Racing Ahead on wheels of ORACLE

Black & White Shots of the Institute

Nenette Arroyo
(Black & White Photo By Sony W5)

Priya Jetley
(Black & White Photo By Sony W5)

"Cloud of Queries"

"The same Query again"

"Query seems confusing - Do u think so?"

"Query is so long - I can have a nap"

Oracle Academy - India Institute

Super Instructors
Nenette Arroyo - "It was really FUN teaching these people"

Vishal Kohli - "I will kill them, If anyone gets less than 90%"

Priya Jetley - "Wish if I could help them in their Tests - I am sharing their Pain and anxiety and moreover having Exam fever too"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 12

Suji Gopalan - "I will silently work and will score 90%+"

Anshu Kumar - "I think Exam will be similar to Quizes"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 11

Ruchira Mittra Sarkar - "I am positioned Right for the Final Exam"

Monica Sahni - "I am confident but why I am worried"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 10

Monica Dewan - "Why this Test now? Already I attempted so many Quizes"

Ishwar Singh - "Jo hoga dekha jayega"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 9

Jyoti Mathur - "Let me think. Yes! This question seems OK for me"

Anil Kumar Pant - "I am OK, I am fine and now feeling better"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 8

Ritu Arora - "I am quiet that does not I mean that I am not ready"

Shivani Nayyar - "Oh! We necesarily need to have Test @the end"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 7

Hiren R. Thakkar - "I am loving it"

Sonica - "I am all prepared now"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 6

Narendra Singh - "I will quietly face the challenge"

Shobha H - "I am little bit tensed but I think I will make it"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 5

Abha Singh - "Let me see how difficult the exam will be"

Anurag Sehgal - "I am too confident - not worried much"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 4

Bani Das - "I cleared all the Quizzes - The Exam will also be like that for me..."

Amit K Dhingra - "I am handsome enough to pass the exam"

Oracle Academy Instructor - 3

Prem Singh - "I am more worried about my last day Song"

Mamta Bhatia - "I am not eating food - so what I will Pass"

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oracle Academy Instructor - 2

Madhurima - "I have to study and clear the Exam at any cost"

Puneet - "I am cool dude, I will pass anyways"

Oracle Academy Instructors - 1

Deepali - "I am enjoying each and every moment of the Institute"

Prashant - "It is OK if I am left on my own"

Tech Guy

Mukesh Kumar - "I need to energise the particpants - they should feel Confident"